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About Us

Dr. Franklin Lowe


        Dedicated to serving the Los Alamitos community for over 30 years, Dr. Franklin Lowe has been unstoppable managing the primary care needs of his patients. Navigating the complexities of the healthcare system, Dr. Lowe has spent over 100 hours a week in the traditional care model advocating for his patients. He prides himself on forcing the communication, among physicians and healthcare facilities as well as the multi-generational families for which he cares, he has worked relentlessly to provide the care he believes his patients truly  deserve despite the ever changing parameters of the healthcare system.

         A proud University of Southern California Trojan, Dr. Lowe completed his undergraduate studies not far from his place of birth in Inglewood, CA. He would then continue on to pursue his dream of becoming a physician, he completed his study of Medicine at the University of Texas in Houston. In addition to being Diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine since 1986, Dr. Lowe has been an active member of of several committees and elected positions. A clinical instructor, Dr. Lowe continues to share his years of knowledge and experience with the Providers entering the healthcare profession.

Primary Care

Acting as your  advocate to navigate the labyrinth of complex healthcare system

Prescription Advocacy

Our office will work with you to find the best prices, alternatives and order authorizations to meet your budget

Doctor with Files

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of Americans and it can be prevented. We provide advanced testing to protect your heart.

Coordination of Care

Arranging your visits with specialist, ordering tests and keeping tabs on your health. Dr. Lowe works to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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